Financial Service Sales

Remember that all data is “LIVE” – therefore, this is the most current information available.

Below are a few highlights regarding the reports that we believe will be helpful to you:


Sales for the current day that have been postponed can be found at the bottom of the list (the postponed date will be in black, and the date it was postponed to will be in blue). These files will only be on the website for the current day. It is IMPERATIVE that the files you are interested in are checked on the day of sale. After this date, there will not be a way to retrieve this information from the website.

Locating Reports:

If you are having trouble finding the file you are looking for, please try the following: Ensure that you are at the very top of the web page, and press “CTRL” and “F” keys on your keyboard at the same time. A “Find” box will pop up on your screen. Type the File ID # in the “Find” box. You can only search for one File ID # at a time. Click on “Find Now”. If the File ID # is on the web page, it will highlight it for you, behind the “Find” box. Repeat these steps for each file you are searching for.


A Red X in the far right hand column means that the sale has been cancelled. Please report any problems you may be experiencing to the Customer Service numbers listed below.

If you have any questions please contact our
Customer Service Team at 205-930-5200.
If you have any questions please contact our
Customer Service Team at 602-255-6035.